About us



1Western US : a homesteader or squatter who takes up land on open range for a farm

2: one that nests



1South Dakotan: A folk duo comprised of Jami Lynn + Eliza Blue

Easterners transplanted to the wild west, Jami Lynn and Eliza are modern troubadours. Over the past decade, both women have garnered abundant accolades releasing albums and touring nationally and internationally with their respective solo projects. The Nesters began a year ago when Jami and Eliza got together to jam. They’d heard of one another, but had never met, despite the fact that both had settled in western South Dakota (Jami in the Black Hills, and Eliza on a cattle ranch in Perkins County.) They each knew right away they’d found something special in the other. Their love of cowboy culture and the prairie narrative, not to mention banjo and the poetry of naturalists like Mary Oliver, have made collaborative songwriting and arranging a joy.  

Their delight is infectious. Their stage banter and harmonies are charming audiences, and led to a groundswell of support that has taken the women by surprise. One of their first efforts was a video recorded in Eliza’s barn on an iPhone for NPR’s tiny desk contest. It was picked up by South Dakota Public Broadcasting after being voted a “fan favorite.” Since then, their popularity has continued to grow, from standing-room-only shows in coffeeshops to headlining spots in festivals. 

Separately, The Nesters sport an impressive resume. A few of their collective performances include slots at SXSW, CMJ, The Rocky Mountain Folks Fest, Red Ants Pants, The Underground Music Showcase, Sioux River Folk Fest, Reeperbahn, The Taste of Minnesota, and Boats and Bluegrass. They’ve also shared stages respectively with Billy Bragg, Spider John Koerner, Jolie Holland, Gillian Welch, Billy Talbot (of Crazy Horse), Mason Jennings, Channy Leneaugh (of Polica), Trampled by Turtles, Charlie Parr, and claw-grass great Mark Johnson.